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English Speakers
English Speakers

Localisation : Lyon

Catégorie : Loisirs

Sous catégorie : Cultures

Description : Hi people from Lyon, this group would cater to all english speakers the goal being to meet up occasionally and talk english rather than french. Talk to you soon!!!

2nd meet up for those who missed the first and want to make up.

broc bar rue du platre this wednesday June 4th starting 8pm. email me and i'll give you my phone #

3rd meeting this friday 8pm at quai pecherie.

Derniers participants

numa a écrit le mardi 23 juin à 02:10

Any musicians around? looking for a pianist or a guitarist to practice and have some fun,I'm a singer myself

numa a écrit le mardi 23 juin à 02:09

When and where's the next outing?

coupdesoleil a écrit le samedi 06 juin à 14:38

HI ! I'd like to join U for a comming event
just let me know

bessioud a écrit le dimanche 03 mai à 17:24

Does somebody can tell me about the organization of the group(meetings,people,....)

bessioud a écrit le dimanche 03 mai à 17:19

Are there some meetings

undessens a écrit le mardi 17 mars à 19:38

Hi everybody, this group is good idea.
See you soon!

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